SharpMed was established in June 2008, and continues to develop a strong and independent brand, focussed on Customer Compliance throughout the “Duty of Care / Cradle to Grave” Health Care Waste Management process, and will continue to expand its range of intelligent, innovative, and environmentally responsible service solutions.
SharpMed is a Provider of Dynamic, Compliant & Environmentally Responsible, Health Care Waste Management Services in Southern Africa.
Providing clients with a Compelling Business Platform, by providing the Medical & Health Care Industry with Tailor-made Contractual Service Solutions.
  • Legal Compliance
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Willingness to Negotiate and Tailor make Service Solutions
  • Partnerships
  • Environmentally Sustainable Business Practice
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  • Unique Products and Service Offerings
  • Superior Logistics
  • Safe Waste Disposal
  • Records Archiving
  • Alignment with Governments Environmental Management Objectives
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HRCW Value Chain: "Cradle to Grave"

Supplier of Re-usable and Sacrificial Waste Receptacles. Waste Assessment. Transporters and Handlers of HCRW. Treatment and Disposal/Destruction Agents. Duty of Care Records and Document Archiving.
Institute of Waste
Management of South Africa
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